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You have chosen to participate in the first edition of Euro Tattoo Convention in Mouscron and you have already sent your registration form. Congratulations and thank you for your trust !

Now we can move on to the part that is dedicated to you, your display on the website 🙂


In order to best present our communication service needs some informations. Thank you kindly fill out the form cons of the most comprehensive manner possible. Your visibility on the site depends on it and the implications of this agreement for you.

Many Internet users who send us an email asking us for rates, recommendations, opinions on these artists. Not destined to prefer one or another professional, we redirect always on site to make their choice and contact the professional of their choice. Obviously they will have more information, the more they will know where to direct 🙂

They must be in JPG format and a minimum size of 800 pixels width by 500 pixels heighth. The photo quality is important to be displayed. If in doubt, please send an email to

To send them to us, nothing more simple. Just click on the button « Browse » when prompted in the questionnaire, in order to pick up your photos directly to your computer, then click « Open » to load. You see it is simple. Once you click on « Send », they reach us directly.

Registration on the site « »
A new website is being created. This directory site features tattoo artists, piercers, and barbers and many else ! This listing is NOT REQUIRED. It is offered because of your participation in the Convention and that, for a period of one year.
A few days after the agreement you will receive a call to confirm with you the information that will appear on the site and you will multiply then all your visibility on the web.

The steps of registration – How it goes:
Once the form is submitted against below, it quickly brought online. You will receive an email confirming your presence on the site with the link to your page. You will also be posted on the Facebook page of Euro Tattoo and the Google+ page. Our objective is to turn your participation in the Convention into real opportunities to become known and to grow your business.