Pascal Tourain – The man who threw himself in ink

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L’homme tatoué, un parcours coloré

Picard child, not very assiduous in class dream of becoming a star in the City of Light. He left Creil to 20 years and « down to Paris » to the theater. The comedian here in Paris, a city he needs energy « to advance ».

Pascal, it is primarily a middle 2 meters high on a base of 120 kgs! A baritone who sports a broad infectious smile, friendly and look that says a lot about the man. Capable of the « deference as the most fun irreverence » it perpetuates a know-how, even today, makes fun of the greatest nights « trendy »: barker. He announced the entries in the evenings with a touch of humor to match what the guests expect of it, which makes him a master of ceremony that opens to an unforgettable evening. But Pascal, it is primarily a comedian. He created his own shows. Before hear and be carried away by his texts, one is stuck by the diversity of works as the famous Tintin, the star tattoo artist in Paris highlighted on almost all of his body. Almost 9 years of painstaking work that Pascal Tourain sports today, like the novel of a busy life. Apart from the head and hands, her body tells her texts before an adventure in which we let ourselves go.

Currently the show every Wednesday since January 7 to Cantada, 13 rue Moret in Paris (Menilmontant), he agreed to present and animate the days of the first edition of Euro Tattoo. An exercise that is fluent, to already be a regular at World of Tattoo in Paris. See you on 2 and 3 April in Lille to meet Pascal Tourain.


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